Seven years ago I had a complicated pregnancy and one of the complications that I had was my thyroid stopped working appropriately. Ever since, I have been on thyroid medicine and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. I have been told by doctors that once you have one autoimmune disease the chances of being diagnosed with another is high.

Then I had the opportunity to participate in Natascha Buch’s Health Jumpstart and I was very pleased with the program and the results. The program was well-organized and easy to follow. Natascha was supportive every step of the way, easily accessible during the entire program, and was always extremely helpful. With a passion for nutrition and health, Natascha’s knowledge is vast. However, she is able to present material in a way that anyone can understand the philosophy and science behind the program.

I started this two-week program over a month ago and am still on it because of how good I felt when following the program. My mood, sleep, and overall health has been greatly improved. This is a simple program, one that your entire family will benefit from. I feel very fortunate to have found Natascha and will forever be grateful for the guidance she has given me. I have never felt better!

Lisa, Austin TX, USA

Both my husband and myself are continuing on the healthy diet with some modest changes

My husband and I agreed rather dubiously to participate in the Jump Start Your Health program. We were both very surprised and pleased with the impact of removing allergens and toxins from our diet. Natascha Buch has developed a comprehensive but relatively easy program to follow. She is readily available to answer questions and provide support. The reading materials are essential and very helpful.

Both my husband and myself are continuing on the healthy diet with some modest changes. We are excited about Jump Start Your Health and strongly recommend the program to anyone who wants to feel their best and lose weight in the process.

Dale, Washington D.C., USA

I was interested in Jumpstart Health because I was frequently bloated and developed eczema recently and wanted to find a natural way to cure my symptoms. I liked how the program focused on changing your diet to eliminate foods that are prone to causing inflammation and other symptoms.

Since I started the program, my bloating went down and my eczema lessened. Natascha checked in periodically and provided more tailored recommendations based on the changes I was experiencing. I would highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from bloating, headaches, and skin irritations. It’s also a great program for anyone looking to reset your body in a natural way without being hungry.

Mary, New York City, USA

I have participated in the program, because I had little knowledge about how food affects a person. By following the program, I have gained more knowledge about our eating habits and the food we eat. Before starting the day, I received very informative readings, including a full meal plan to follow or as guidance. This was really helpful for me.

It was really hard the first few days, but after the initial days I felt good and had a balanced energy level during the day. Natasha was really supportive and she responded very quickly and very clearly to all of my questions. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to know how food can change you, your energy level, and feel good.

Jolene, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I felt more balanced, well-rested, and had better energy levels after a nice sleep.

A couple of weeks ago I started a two-week program developed by my dear friend & functional health coach Natascha Buch to Jumpstart My Health. My main goal after two weeks was to hopefully feel more energetic. With the help of all the different program materials like the daily protocol, meal plans, and a guidebook I managed to get through the first few days. These first days were the biggest challenge, but also a good way to make me more aware of what I eat and drink on a daily basis. Throughout the program I received regular check-ins from Natascha, with extra tips and motivational cheers, which helped me (time goes by fairly quickly) and made me want to stick to the program as much as possible for the two weeks.

After the third day it started to become more part of a daily routine to eat gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, GMO, and processed product-free and nightshade-free. It was less of a challenge, and I did feel more energetic. Big unexpected bonus was also sleeping at night! Where I could experience some trouble falling asleep before, with just some changes in my diet and adding some routines from the daily protocol I felt more balanced, well-rested, and had better energy levels after a nice sleep. The things I still do every morning include drinking a (warm) glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and some sea salt or rock salt, and finishing my shower with an icy cold last rinse.

I am now slowly adding different food groups back into my system, and so far so good. I think I will do a week (or two-week) program once every season, just to keep me on my toes and make me more aware of what I am eating and why.

If you would like to Jumpstart Your Health, figure out what food groups tend to annoy your system, or become more aware of what you’re eating and drinking and what the potential influence is on your body, Natascha Buch from Resilience Health Coaching is the go-to person!

Yoki, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

My goal for the program was to get more energized by eating cleaner. Although a lot of foods are eliminated, it was easy to do by using the meal plan, which included a high variety of recipes. After two days my energy level was definitely improving and I felt less bloated and lighter; it was not difficult at all to carry on with the program.

I am sure to keep on using many of the recipes going forward and would certainly recommend participating in it, especially given Natascha’s motivational support and advice in case of questions!

Josephine, The Hague, The Netherlands

With the help of all the different program materials like the daily protocol, meal plans, and a guidebook I managed to get through the first few days