Imagine, you’ve been working diligently on recovering your health. You’ve come a long way. You feel much better.

Until … the holiday season.

You’re staying up late almost every night. Because of parties. And just because there aren’t enough hours in the day to get both your work and holiday list done.

You´re now having a difficult time to pass on all the sweets that constantly surround you. They remind you of those good old times spent with family and friends.

Pressed for time, you skip on your work outs. On top of that, you’re stressed out about finding the perfect gifts.

Soon, you notice some of your old symptoms creep up. Your hard work? All gone…


As much as you may love the holiday season, it’s a demanding time for your body.

To help you healthily navigate this holiday season, use these 10 tips.

Happy healthy holidays!

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